Little Darlings Babysitting at Yoga Tonik

Our goal at Yoga Tonik is to make practicing Yoga accessible to all, enhance everyday living and enhance your yoga experience. Finding time to nurture and connect with our bodies, our mind and our spirit makes us stronger, more focused and healthier. The demands of parenthood often lead us to forget about taking care of ourselves.  But we need to remember that taking care of ourselves first, enables us to take better care of our families, thus making us better parents! 

That is why we are working at expanding the studio to add a babysitting room during many of our most popular classes!

Yoga Tonik is proud to be working on this new initiative to encourage busy parents to make time for a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. 

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!


Little Darlings Babysitting at Yoga Tonik in Blainville, Quebec
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