New to Yoga?

If you’re considering beginning a yoga practice, then congratulations!  If you are new to yoga and new to our studio, take advantage of our DISCOVERY WEEK : $20 for 1 week of unlimited yoga!   The most beautiful aspect of yoga is that it truly is for everyone!   Allow this process of transformation to unfold, and enjoy being a beginner with new eyes and an open heart. A consistent yoga practice will inspire, empower and bring a sense of grounded calmness to our lives.  All our classes, with the exception of Hot Power Flow, are accessible to all levels. Teachers will guide the beginner through the practice by offering variations to different poses. After a few classes, our BASIC POSTURES Workshop is a great place to continue your journey!  Learn step by step basics of a stable and consistent yoga practice in this 2 hour workshop.  Here you will learn the fundamental Yoga postures and breathing techniques beneficial for beginners to work toward strengthening and stretching the parts of the body. Yoga props such as blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and yoga balls may be used to help ease your way into different postures.


Our motto at Yoga Tonik is “Yoga is not perfection, it is practice and progress”. This practice is like baking a chocolate layer cake…..dessert for your body & mind!  We need to lay a solid foundation before adding our three fundamental layers:  Attitude; Breath; and Honoring your body. 


There is no such thing as being ‘good’ at yoga.  There is no rule that says you have to be able to master arm balances or inversions to be ‘good’ at yoga.  This practice is not about how it looks but rather how it feels. We do yoga to feel good.  The breath is another important component to the practice.  Incorporating deep, full, rhythmic breathing leads to smooth, graceful movements and postures. Properly tapping into the Breath creates a sensation of flow within the body & mind and thus creating an overall state of balance in our lives.  The last layer that we integrate is all about listening to your body and respecting what it needs. We all have unique body types; different past injuries and experiences.  Since yoga is about feeling good, from the inside out, honoring and respecting our body is key.   Variations are introduced to allow students to find comfort and ease even through poses that require more effort. 


Thank-you for choosing Yoga Tonik to begin your journey!  Arriving at least 15-20 minutes before class will allow you to get familiarized with the studio, speak with your teacher, get changed and settled in before class starts.  Click here for a list of what to bring!


The teachers and staff at Yoga Tonik are all committed to helping you take steps forward along your yoga journey.  We strive to assist, foster and nourish our students in order to grow.  


Unlimited 1 Week Intro
(New Yogis Only)



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