Our Story at Yoga Tonik

Cultivate a positive lifestyle!

Connie Casola found herself living the daily stresses of the corporate world, travelling extensively across the country as a sales & marketing executive for the generic pharmaceutical industry in Montreal.  An intense and energetic person by nature, she continuously focused on the quest of balancing a career and family life.  Her discovery of yoga, in 2011, allowed her to experience the inner peace she was searching for and thus became a coping tool for her.    

She was tired of travelling and soon came to the conclusion that she needed to restore her life by being closer to home and her family, and making better, more positive, lifestyle choices.  She left her job in September 2014 in search of a new opportunity and in the hopes of starting her own business.  Her entrepreneurial spirit ignited her to acquire Yoga Tonik, combining both her passion for health & wellness and hot yoga.  

Connie is a ‘people person’ and fiercely believes that we are sustained by our relationships. Her vision for the studio is to cultivate a strong sense of community by bringing unique events, workshops and experiences into the studio that will give students an opportunity to grow and enhance their life, not just their yoga practice.  Her hope is that the community can be empowered and elevated through Yoga and a more positive lifestyle.

She thrives on making the studio a happy place to bring people together where they can come and let go of life’s daily stresses.  Her intention is to create a welcoming, non-intimidating environment where people can learn more about each other, grow closer and create positive, energetic connections through yoga.  Yogis are encouraged to come early, stay late and mingle with others in the ‘Tonik Bar’ lounge area while enjoying delicious teas, smoothies and healthy snacks!

You’ll usually find Connie at the studio welcoming and greeting guests with a contagious smile and serving up a Powerful Tonik smoothie!

She eventually plans on turning all her friends and family into “yoga guinea pigs”!!

The word origin and history for Tonik :  From the Greek word  tonikos “of stretching”,   from tonos “a stretching”. The meaning “maintaining the healthy firmness of tissues’’ and “having the property of restoring to health”.

Today Tonik means: a medicinal preparation intended to invigorate physically, mentally and morally, used to improve, strengthen, enliven and increase the feeling of well-being and restore the tone and healthy functioning of the body.


 “It is by these virtues that I started Yoga Tonik, to make a difference in people’s lives by empowering them to increase awareness of themselves, and attain this elevated state of well-being.'' - Connie Casloa

Connie Casola in Seated Twist at Yoga Tonik in Blainville, Quebec
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