Meet our Team at Yoga Tonik

We invite you to meet our team at Yoga Tonik. We offer you only the best in services and yoga instructors. Join us today- we look forward to meeting you!

Connie Casola

Final-0006Connie Casola is the owner of Yoga Tonik. For the past 20 years, she was living the daily grind of the corporate world as a sales & marketing executive in the generic pharmaceutical industry. In 2011, she decided to try yoga as a coping tool for stress management. She took her first class with Paige Held and her second class with Kelly Green, creators of Hot Fusion Yoga ™ and immediately fell in love and recognized the benefits that yoga could bring to her life. A passionate and intense individual by nature, yoga empowered her with more focus, patience and confidence to unleash her inner fire & YogaPreneur spirit and bring to fruition Yoga Tonik! She received her Hot Fusion Yoga ™ certification in October 2014 and immediately after acquired Yoga Tonik in January 2015. She leads weekly Fusion Flow classes which integrates elements of Vinayasa flow, from many lineages including Ashtanga, Jivamukti and others, bringing a fresh and modern approach to the ancient practice of Yoga.


She continues to expand her studies and teaching knowledge through workshops and advanced teacher training programs. With this, she aspires to enhance the quality and scope of workshops, services and products to be offered by Yoga Tonik to the community.


She finds herself right where her life prepared her to be, right where she was meant to be at this moment all along – practicing and teaching yoga, and radiating her inner light onto others as she mindfully shares the gifts of yoga with other beautiful souls.


She is grateful for her family, and the opportunity to lead such a fulfilling, sustaining and expansive lifestyle.


Kristine Bilodeau

Photo-KristineFor years, Kristine was looking for something to fulfill her, to believe in and something which would give meaning to her life. Since her discovery, yoga has never left her. She’s been practicing hot yoga for the past 2 years and plans to become a certified yoga teacher in the coming months. 'I look forward to welcoming you to our new Yoga Tonik studio, by sending you my positive energy and sharing my love of yoga. For a flexible and stress free world'!






Emmanuelle Daigle

Emannuelle #4Emma is an artist, a creator. Her imagination and instinct guide her. She is adventure seeker and traveller. She gravitates towards anything that makes her heart beat….. A thrill seeker!!!!


Born on the east coast of Canada, in Montreal, Emma turned to Pilates & yoga for rehabilitation when she broke her back. Having seen and felt the changes in her body and mind, she soon took her first steps towards teaching. She took her Pilates certification in 2011 with Peak Pilates with a goal to help other people feel good in their bodies and help them get back to an optimal, active lifestyle. Her classes are designed to explore the body's full range of motion while cultivating precision, alignment, balance, flexibility, grace, and strength.


As for yoga, Emma took her certification in Montreal with Hart Lazer and Donna Read to explore deeper the intricate studies of yoga and spirituality. Her classes are dynamic vinyasa flows. Emma is known for her playful and creative sequences, breaking challenging asanas down into steps making them accessible for all levels. Each class is made to energize the body, cultivate consciousness, and give greater vitality and health.


Emma is always eager to guide people through their journeys of self-discovery through movement.


Vanessa Dion-Lirette

Vanessa Dion-LiretteIn 2015, following a doctor's recommendations, Vanessa went to her first yoga class, in the hopes of calming her anxiety. Since that day, the practice never left her side as it gave her tools to manage her anxiety and also to re-center herself and find happiness in her day to day life. After 2 years of continued practice, she decided that teaching this practice would become her life path, so she could share the practice that gave her so much.


Vanessa went to follow her first Yoga teacher training with the School Yoga Institute in the Sacred Valley in Peru. She is currently following her second training with Hart Lazer and Donna Read at United Yoga in Montreal.


A practice that unifies movement, meditation and spirituality, in a very accessible way, to work with every aspects of your being: body::: spirit ::: soul.


Christine Gagnon

ChristineIn the beginning, it all started with dance and the arts……


Her first dream came true at 16 years old when she became a professional dancer. After studying dance education in university and after years of exploring artistic painting, envisioning imagery, as well as holistic health, Christine turned to yoga in order to enhance her flexibility. At no Surprise her heart toggled for this discipline.


Immediately after, she chose to complete her teacher training in California, where she was introduced to hot yoga and the outdoors…..2 more lightning strikes.


'Yoga is a fascinating world where you never stop learning and transforming'


A reflection of her personality, Christine enthusiastically guides you through a yoga practice balanced, dynamic and fluid in the vinyasa style.


Isabelle Gervais

Photo-IsabelWorking in the arts industry, Isabelle, an athlete, has always made room for sports in her life. She obtained her ANIE certification in 2006 as an aerobics instructor, including aerobics and step aerobics. It was after a sports injury she discovered yoga and all its benefits. Wanting initially to relieve her physical pain, yoga has proven beneficial at all levels. Yoga has quickly become a lifestyle and a passion for Isabel.


In 2013 her desire to deepen her practice and knowledge initiated her to complete her yoga teacher training with Hart Lazer and Donna Read in 2013.


Chantal Malouin

Photo-ChantalIn search of balance, Chantal began practicing yoga in 1998.


The countless benefits of the practice, led her to continue her journey to study with Victoria Colf for two years.


A graduate of Studio Lyne St-Rock in Montreal, she also received teacher training in Yoga Vinyasa with renowned Yoga teacher Hart Laser and Donna Reid in addition to a specialization in Yin Yoga.


Her passion exudes through her teaching that adopts both a calm and dynamic approach to Yoga.


Tanya Paradis

Photo-TanyaCo-owned studio Zenyth for one and a half years, a substitute teacher at several studios, former athlete on the national women's water polo team, and now the mother of two young children Tanya has always been a very active person. She attended a hot yoga class and I fell in love with the practice. ‘One morning, I was finally lying on my yoga mat facing the unknown, not at all flexible, unable to breathe ..... But after 60 minutes that time had completely stopped around me and I felt liberated at last of my daily routine. Since then, the practice of yoga is part of my daily life’.


Two years ago, Tanya obtained a Baron Baptiste Vinyasa certification in New York and loves sharing her enthusiasm to her yogis. She looks forward to guiding you in your practice......







Alyssa Marsillo

AlyssaAlyssa was first introduced to the world of yoga at age seventeen. Not sure where it would take her, she decided to go through with her collegial studies in search of herself. The challenges started arising as she yearned for something with deep spiritual meaning and soon discovered that the academic lifestyle just wasn’t for her at that time. In 2011, she decided to pursue health and wellbeing, getting into meditation and energetic work such as Reiki and Life Coaching. When she walked into a Kriya Hatha class is when it all came into perspective and she decided to practice yoga as a dedicated student, incorporating the yogic lifestyle and philosophy in her everyday life.


In 2013, Alyssa traveled to Massachusetts to obtain her 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training with Frog Lotus Yoga. Her education was based on Hatha yoga with a profound back round in meditation and energetic work. She continues to study various styles of yoga that incorporate the body, mind, and spirit and later obtained her 40 hours of Yin Yoga training as well as Yoga Therapy with Doctor Bali.


Within her classes you can find a mix of meditation, body awareness as well as asana postures, incorporating the wholeness of body-mind-spirit.


Alyssa still continues to broaden her education in the yoga field and also works as a Life Coach and Energetic Therapist in search of bringing natural wellness to the community.


Vanessa Vieira

lululemon Luna Collective 3“Yoga, the unity of spirit, of mind and of body.”


Vanessa Shakti (aka Vanessa Vieira) began practicing the yogic discipline in late 2007. After a couple of years of practice, self-education, introspection and self-healing, her quest for becoming a teacher began in late 2009. She then found Dr. Madan Bali, a true yogi master, pHd in complementary medicine and a Vedanta scholar. She continued her Yoga Therapy and Bali Method studies with him until 2011. In 2010, she studied yoga for children and teens and completed all 3 levels of the Radiant Child Program. In 2016 she received her Reiki Level One Certification by Medicine Woman Suzanne Landry.


Vanessa “Shakti” Vieira is a proud Mother, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of the company “Luna Collective” and a lululemon Ambassador. She is a proud teacher of her community and gives all of her love to all walks of life who cross paths with her. No matter what kind of class you are doing with her, whether it be a yin, hatha, power yoga, or a vinyasa. She inspires us to live our life to our highest potential on the mat and off of the mat.


Her mission now is to continue her studies in different holistic therapies and to evolve into her highest potential in order to contribute to as many different communities. Vanessa is honoured to collaborate with such reputable Studios like this one. Now enough talking about it, go experience it. <3


Noémie Desilets

Noémie Desilets, Yoga Instructor at Yoga TonikFrom a young age, sport was an integral part of her life. It was during her career as a pilot on the national Motocross circuit that Noémie initially integrated yoga into her life, to bring balance, suppleness and a calm mind on and off the racetrack.  After 10 years of dedication, the time had come for her to end competitive racing. She was thirsty for novelty! A craving to travel, to broaden her horizons and to discover new passions. It was yoga that eventually followed her every day. She allowed herself to be guided by the state of euphoria that this discipline brought her and she made it her way of life.


Two years later, wanting to deepen her knowledge, she embarked on the 200hr Yoga Vinyasa teacher training with Hart Lazer and Donna Read. Moving forward, her desire is to continue to excel in her teachings and share that well-being with everyone she meets along her path.




Laury Savoie

Laury Savoie, Yoga Instructor at Yoga TonikWhen she began practicing yoga Laury fell in love and became a teacher to enable her to share this wonderful philosophy with the world around her and inspire people to become the best of their being.  She did a 200-hour teacher training in the Sacred Valleys of Peru in 2015 with School Yoga Institute. An intensive month surrounded by mountains and shamans that allowed her to discover much about life, about herself and to discover more about her passion: yoga.


In her classes, she brings a balance between the physical side and the spiritual side of yoga. Making her students feel the union between breathing and movement, transitioning through a seated meditation to a moving meditation.  A flow that makes the physical body work as well as the mental body.





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